Lisa Phillips wedding

A perfect day for a wedding on St Helena

Since arriving on St Helena, Governor Lisa Philips has helped to influence the direction and the vision for St Helena, Governor Philips has ticked boxes of many important  “first’s” in St Helena’s history,  Governor Phillip’s was the first female to arrive as a Governor of St Helena, She was the first governor to arrive by sea and she will be the first to leave by air. Governor Phillip’s is passionate about St Helena’s success and she believes that the ocean and the marine environment will play a big part in St Helena success.

On Saturday the 24th February Governor  Phillips chose the services of Into the Blue to host one of  her most memorable days during her time here in office on St Helena, when she decided that on her wedding day (incidentally the first Governor to get married on St Helena)  she would host her wedding reception for her twelve guests  on board Egalite one of Into the Blues finest boats that are often used for coastal cruising and marine tours around St Helena.

After a lively afternoon on board with the wedding guest governor, Phillips thanked us for our sterling service and described it on our Facebook page as a perfect day.

If you are thinking of a perfect day out with us please get in touch we are happy to tailor a great day for any occasion.