Dive Saint Helena since 2018.

Dive Saint Helena was formally branded as Into the Blue. 

We are one of the biggest established marine tour operators in St Helena. The reason for the change in 2018 was that we had expanded our services and enhanced our online portfolio. 

We offer almost every marine-related service for the visitor and any local business or commercial company. We are focused on diving and marine tours and we are an approved PADI dive training and certification partner. 

This is truly a family-run business owned by Craig Yon (MSDT) & Keith Yon. The Yon family has many years of experience in St Helena whose success spans across three generations.

Keith, (Craig’s older brother left) who also forms part of the success of Dive St Helena is a certified Dive Master himself and is also a qualified commercial marine operator. The family also owns one of the oldest rental hire drive car companies in St Helena, and recently have invested in a newly built modern guest house Accommodation in Jamestown. Dive Saint Helena offers a turnkey solution for any visitor to the Island, whether your interest is in diving, fishing, sightseeing, or just relaxing in one of “must-visit places in 2018” If you have any queries or just a simple question feel free to get in touch if we cannot help you we can guarantee we know someone who can.

We look forward to sharing our Island experiences and welcoming you to St Helena.