Somewhat remote to some, but a paradise to us and everyone who have visit us.  

St Helena might seem somewhat remote to most as it is located in the South Atlantic Ocean, St Helena was one of the most talked about Islands in 2017 but it is now one of the must-go to places.

St Helena might be classed as one of the most remote dive destinations up until recently, but getting to St Helena is not difficult anymore since the opening of the St Helena Airport.

St Helena offers some of the finest diving fishing and marine touring experiences in the world. 

What makes diving in St Helena one of the best in the world is its unspoiled marine landscape and excellent underwater visibility which is known to be great almost all year round.

You can guarantee great water temperatures which range between 18 and 26 degrees Celsius in the summer months.  The untouched ocean bed remains in its natural surroundings and the marine life is in abundance. St Helena is also known as one of the safest places in the world where one can fish swim and dive. The marine life is in abundance and cave, ledge, reef and wreck diving are amazing and only a short boat trip away.

St Helena is not only a Scuba divers dream but also a visitor’s paradise for its historical heritage and local hospitably.