wreck diving

Dive in St Helena

St Helena offers various wreck diving experiences and one of the most popular wrecks to dive to is the SS Papanui, this is a very popular dive site as the maximum  depth is approximately 14 meters making it suitable for beginners. Locals and visitors alike. The dive to the Papanui is easy to access as it located in James Bay.

At a depth of around 16 metres you can dive to The Bedgellett and the Atlantic Rose. The Bedgellett was bought to the Island from UK to be used to help salvaged merchandise from the Papanui, Atlantic Rose is another commercial fishing vessel that was sunk in 2006 after slipping her moorings in James Bay although an attempt to save her it was deemed unrepairable.

Another interesting dive is the MV frontier a boat that was originally a commercial fishing boat that was sized by the St Helena Customs and excise for operating illegally the frontier is now lying on the sea bead near breakneck valley, this dive will take you to 28 meters where you can see lots of interesting marine life, when diving down to the MV Frontier you will see the boat lying on its starboard side in the seabed, this dive requires you to be an advanced diver.

At a depth of 45 meters you can dive to the RFA Dark dale, The RFA dark dale was sunk in 1941 when she was torpedoed by a German U-boat. This is an exciting dive where the marine life is like no other you can see various species of fish and some amazing large eels. You can often see large fish like Tuna, Wahoo, barracuda and also various shark species. If this is something that interests you when coming to St Helena please let us know.