car hire

Rent a car on St Helena

On St Helena we do not offer rental car hire from global branded car hire franchises like most other tourist destinations, we do not have Enterprise rent a car, Hertz or Europa car, however locally owned car rental companies like RK yon & sons do offer self driven hire drive cars, you can normally rent various types of vehicles for your journey around those twisted turnings and bends on St Helena.

Driving on St Helena is simple and easy for almost any traveller visiting the Island. The Island is renowned for its twisting roads and blind turnings but don’t be discouraged by this, renting a car for your stay is highly recommend. We drive on the left hand side of the road where possible which is similar to the UK standard and normally locals will give way to on coming traffic and you will always get a local wave as you pass, although a visitor might find this road courtesy a bit unusual depending where you originate from this is just common on St Helena. Renting a car is the best way to discover St Helena as you can explore the Island at your leisure. We offer rental cars from £15.00 a day and our fleet consist of mainly a ford focus range which is a common vehicle type for the Island, a ford focus are renowned to be reliable and suitable for St Helena’s road. If you prefer a different vehicle type please get in touch, it is also recommended to reserve your car hire prior to arrival as there is a great demand from rental cars throughout the year.