Whale shark tours

Diving, tours and whale shark encounters

Whenever you mention St Helena to anyone who has read about the Island or has seen St Helena through the eyes of the media, the reply will always be “that laid-back place where Napoleon went, we wish it was the same for the staff here at Dive Saint Helena.

It has been a busy few weeks and this week has been no exception. We completed three whale shark trips, all with brilliant encounters and sightings. Thursday our coastal cruise passengers saw approximately four to five hundred pan-tropical dolphins enjoying daily life around St Helena this was trip was followed by exotic bird watching at egg Island.

Dolphin tours st Helena island
Dolphin tours on St Helena Island

Today we had to take time out to clean the decks of Egalite and get ready to welcome aboard Governor Lisa Phillips and her wedding party at 11 am on Saturday 24th February 2018. This is not only a special day for Governor Phillip’s but also this is the first wedding party onboard Egalite.

The wedding party plan is a slow coastal cruise with the wedding party motoring towards lemon valley, where we are hoping to see dolphins and the possibility of whale’s sharks on the route.

Looking back this week on Wednesday afternoon we took 11 divers and dived at Cat Island, the divers consisted of both local’s diver and visitors who arrived last week on Saturdays flight.

Papanui-Wreck lying in Jamestown St Helena

This week we also took a party on a sightseeing trip to view wrecks around James Bay including swimming around the Papanui.

On Sunday we will end the week off with a scuba dive to Devils eyes whilst Egalite will complete this week’s activities with a whale shark tour followed by a much deserve chilled out drink back at the dive shed.

Whilst we spend most days on the ocean, Keith also focuses on the running of our guesthouse/hotel, it’s called teamwork said, Keith, as the day doesn’t end here as Friday night we will entertain 40 guests for dinner and on Saturday the Blue lantern has 54 guests booked in for a buffet dinner.

“Keeping clients happy is what We do”